At CoreFit Pilates studio.
We believe couples that train together stay together.
You both motivate each other to go to the studio no more skipping days.
You are on the same eating plan you both want a healthy lifestyle. Plus the cheat days are fun
You push each other in different ways.
You can shower together afterward ooh -la-la…
Your sex life is benefiting
No need to say anymore.
The Reformers are a great way to work out. Everyone can do it.
The classes are small there are 6 reformers at CoreFit. And we will give you individual attention to assist you.
If you have done mat Pilates you know what amazing core strength work it is. Now add the resistance of the reformer. it is unquestionable that Reformer Pilates is a way to literally reshape your body.
You lose inches as you feel your whole body being energised your heart will benefit as you discover new ways to utilising your breath to maximise energy.
The concept of core,back and postural strength the breath links it all together.
Exercise releases endorphins also known as the Happy Hormone. So after a fabulous workout together you will both have a smile on your face, have plenty to talk about over dinner with a well deserved glass of Red wine, that sounds like the perfect Valentine date.
Valentine special
Thursday nights are date night. Couples night throughout the month of Feb 6.30pm.
A couple can train for £30.00.
You can book in on line or call
0208 504 7305.

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Source: HIIT or High intensity interval training is a training technique in which you give your all, they are 30 mins of intense bursts of exercise followed by short active, recovery periods great for the lunch break, you burn calories burn fat, tone and shape, giving one hundred percent effort a class moving from one exercise to the next, core moves, power moves in which you will burn calories long after you finish the workout, A sure way to feel energised and motivated to carry on your day, and still have time for a healthy lunch. Or Try The Latest trend Barre Classes are fast becoming the hottest workouts a fun energetic workout that fuses techniques from dance Pilates, and yoga that will define and sculpt your body without adding bulk and you will bun mega calories along the way it is a structured easy to follow routine set to upbeat music that will motivate you no dance experience is required, A class consists of dynamic warm up and upper body work followed by 30 mins at the barre working in different directions, with cardio blasts to keep the heart rate elevated.

IMG_4312       Reformer Pilates is a fantastic way to work the whole of your body becoming aware of your core, you stretch you get a different kind of strength, you become body aware using your core to control your moves lengthening your muscles you create a different kind of fitness, it is challenging fun and great for your body and mind .