Reform your body and free your mind


The Ultimate Cross Training Workout

Drive the Reformer. Take your Pilates practice to a whole new level during our group sessions which are designed to have you experience the genius of the apparatus. CoreFit Pilates Reformer is an incredible 60 minute workout system that uses your core through continuous movement. Designed for men and women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.


The Pilates Reformers enable an extraordinary range of strengthening and stretching exercises to give you a lean, toned, flexible and functional body whilst improving fitness, strength, core stability and posture. All of which will make you less prone to injuries. With so many exercises to challenge you, you will quickly become very aware of your body as you see and feel the difference in a short space of time.


Women who exercise during pregnancy have easier deliveries, more energy and recover postpartum faster. Reformer pilates when pregnant is ideal because strength gains will help during childbirth and will facilitate recovery once the child is born. By strengthen a woman’s core muscles, it will help prevent low back pain and improve mobility. Our certified Pilates instructor will adapt and design a reformer routine that is comfortable during all stages of your pregnancy.





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