pilates + dance + yoga = balance


We at CoreFit are proud to introduce one of our newest classes ‘The Booty Barre®.’ It is a revolutionary program that fuses fitness techniques from Pilates, Dance and Yoga with fluid athletic intervals. Booty Barre is not just for the Booty it is also a full body workout which is fun but still pushes everyones individual endurance levels.


Created by celebrity trainer Tracey Mallett, The Booty Barre® is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular endurance element utilising the barre.

The method focuses on proper anatomical biomechanics for a safe and fun class that is modified to accommodate all fitness levels.






  1. Hi there
    I’ve searched all the options here but I can’t find how to book ?
    I’ve been before … a while back , I’d like to take up Fridays at booty again if poss ?

    Tracy wells


    • Hi Tracy if you click on bookings on the main page it will take you to Mind Body where you set up your profile and from there can book the classes
      If you are still having problems you can come to the studio on Friday and we will show you how to do it. I will book you in the class.
      Looking forward to seeing you


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